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Pest Control

With over two decades of experience, Puckett’s has a treatment plan that’s perfect for your home.

Termite Control

Whether pre-treating a new construction site, a commercial kitchen or office buildings, Puckett’s has you covered.

Pest Protection Plans

Fighting termites, bed bugs, rodents or any other pest, Puckett’s has a plan to protect your home.

Why Puckett’s?

Puckett’s is a 2nd generation pest control company. Owner, Myron Puckett, is a well-seasoned professional who was trained at an early age to follow in his father’s footsteps, who began his career in pest control back in the early 1950’s.

His father’s goal back then was to simply pay attention to detail and provide 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Although techniques and methods have changed through the years, the Puckett’s Pest Control goals remain the same and they want to be YOUR pest control professional for years to come.

5-Step Inspection Process

Step 1: Inspection

A full inspection of the property to indentify existing problems areas.

Step 2: Risk Assessment

Inspect areas where pests may be able to enter structure.

Step 3: Indentify Pests

Indentify which pests are present and any active infestations.

Step 4: Assessment

Includes documentation of located pests with their current presence in the structure, the possible location of any other infestations and any existing damage found within the structure.

Step 5: Sanitation

This process involves removal of food source, standing water, landscaping improvements to disrupt habitat and then taking preventative actions to insure no future of infestation.

Customer Satisfaction is Always Our #1 Priority!

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